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Use of personal and third party data

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Modification and / or deletion of your personal data

You can modify your personal data at any time or delete all information from our database. To do this, we ask you to get in touch with the company Compliance Expertise Group LLC as soon as possible. You will find his contact details in the contact form and / or in the Legal Notice. If necessary, contact us via the address [email protected]


Compliance Expertise Group LLC strives to take all necessary measures to protect the data collected (the information is kept in a secure environment not accessible to the public), but cannot guarantee absolute security on the Internet. Indeed, when you publish personal information on the Internet, you expose yourself to the risk that a third party intercepts this data.

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Amendments to the Privacy Policy

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Terms of Sales

By using our website to order products, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and prices displayed on our website. These terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between the Client and the Agent (as identified below), resulting from the fact that the Client has requested the Agent to provide certain business and management services. Any order placed in one of our offices, by Internet or by any other means, will constitute a binding agreement of these general conditions between the Client and the Agent.

“Agent” means the company Compliance Expertise Group LLC also includes any subsidiary, which provides services to the client or the company. “Services” means one or more of the following: incorporation of a company, acting as a registered agent, provision of a registered office, provision of business management services, third party administrator, third party shareholder or account signatory, supply of mail, fax and all message transmissions, whatever the process, bookkeeping and registers, banking introduction, administrative and management work and any other business service of a similar nature as the agent agrees to provide. “Company” means any company beneficially owned by the client for which services are provided by the Agent. “Client” means the beneficiary owner (s) of the business and / or the person (s) who requested the Agent to provide services. It also means any person that the client can represent in the case of a group (all these persons jointly and individually). “Purchase Order” means the standard purchase order displayed on the Agent’s website or any other format of the same form submitted by the Client to the Agent prior to commencing and providing services by the Agent. “Communication” means any communication between the Agent and the Client by one of the following methods: (a) email or other message or form posted on the Internet; b) fax; (c) mail or mail delivery, one of the above being addressed to the last known or notified address of the recipient.

The principal, Client, expressly accepts that Compliance Expertise Group LLC is only subject to an obligation of means and not of results. In the event that the company ordered by the Client is refused by the company registration service in the country chosen by the Client, the Client cannot recognize any liability of Compliance Expertise Group LLC; However, other solutions will be offered by Compliance Expertise Group LLC to the Client: registration in another country at the Client’s expense, Compliance Expertise Group LLC being limited to only two attempts to register the Client’s company. Regarding the banking introduction, the Client will accept the bank offered by Compliance Expertise Group LLC, whether it is a bank with physical branches or a bank or online funds transfers. The Customer accepts that the proposal for a multi-currency account, offered with a company creation pack or in a Premium or Premium + pack, is a banking introduction and not a ready-to-use multi-currency account; this is explained by the fact that Compliance Expertise Group LLC cannot obtain the access codes in place of the Client. This banking introduction is a service equivalent to an obligation of means and not of result, Compliance Expertise Group LLC cannot decide in place of the bank or neobank.

The client expressly gives the exclusive mandate to Compliance Expertise Group LLC to represent him administratively and legally, before the competent authorities of the jurisdiction in which the client’s company is incorporated; also, the client refuses to mandate any other representative during the contractual period. The client will therefore never intervene himself before the official bodies, he will therefore have to ask the company Compliance Expertise Group LLC, so that it intervenes whenever the needs are necessary, whatever the steps to be taken. Thus, the customer will not be able, in particular, to change address, without the recourse of the company Compliance Expertise Group LLC, nor to ask for an authentication code.  

Company management wishes to remain open to valid complaints in order not only to resolve them effectively, but also to improve their service as a whole. Any complaint will be handled by the manager of the country of incorporation, but if you have a complaint that cannot be resolved, you can write an email to our complaints resolution service: [email protected] and the latter will be copied and forwarded to senior executives for effective resolution.

Once you have ordered the incorporation of your company from us, we will do our best to take charge of your order within minutes of receipt by us, which is why it is impossible to cancel an order after receipt of this order. here.

It is your responsibility to provide us with an appropriate mailing address, email, and telephone number so that we can get the documents to you promptly.

While we can guide you in the right direction to the best of our knowledge when ordering services from us, we do so for informational purposes only and such advice should never be construed as legal, financial, accounting or tax advice. If you need solid advice, we recommend that you seek independent professional services. The Client acknowledges that the Agent does not give any legal or tax advice, that the Agent makes no representations, express or implied.

We are not bound by any obligation of result concerning the banking introduction (presentation) and under no circumstances do we guarantee that a bank will open an account for you. factors such as economic conditions, your credit situation or your business experience may prevent you from opening an account.

If the bank agrees to open an account for you, our services will be deemed to be completed upon opening of the Company’s main sterling account. We will not be held responsible in the event that you do not obtain credit or debit cards, check books, merchant accounts, letters of credit, Internet access or any other type of banking product. . Some banks may categorically refuse to provide any of these services and we will not be required to find alternative solutions.

Some bank employees may not be familiar with the concept of appointed directors or shareholders, which can prevent or delay the account opening process. This is a risk that you fully assume when employing nominee directors or shareholders.

If you want to use our services to provide nominee directors or shareholders, we must first approve your reasons and we will sometimes ask for guarantees. This service is generally not offered for the purposes of secrecy and not to conduct any obscure activity. Where nominee services are provided by the Agent, any appointment or change of director, officer or shareholder will be at the sole discretion of the Agent and, unless expressly agreed otherwise, may be provided by a company or an individual director or shareholder. The nationality, origin and status of candidate directors and shareholders – physical or corporate – are at the sole discretion of the Agent. We reserve the right to retire as director nominees whenever we believe the way the business is being run or if the nature of the business itself may endanger the reputation, well-being or the financial situation of candidate directors or shareholders.

We do not provide nominated services for these activities:adult content websites, pornography,all activities related to the financial sector,all activities requiring a dedicated license in the United Kingdom, broker-dealers, Companies Alternative payment systems (E-pay), churches and charities, trade in raw materials (oil, diamonds, metals), crypto-currencies, financial services requiring a license, BG, SBLC, MTN, financial instruments, futures trading, gambling, online casinos, insurance companies and brokers, mutual and hedge funds, pharmaceutical products (including food supplement), precious metals, security exchanges, sell fake diplomas, trusts, treatment of weapons / weapons.

In the event that we are not paid for our services, you will be placed directly with the company as a managing director and shareholder with no recourse of any kind against us. Secretary or company.

Our corporate secretary service will suggest a company or person to act as your corporate secretary, usually on an annual basis. The role of the secretary is to manage the administrative affairs of the company and to keep statutory registers (register of directors, register of secretaries, etc.). The annual fee does not include the filing of the annual report. And is renewable annually, at the same amount as initially paid. Any unpaid will result in the immediate dissolution of your company. Government filing fees are not included, unless otherwise specified in an agreement. You will be billed for any other secretarial or administrative work in the company as and when: change of administrator, change of address, change of company name, transfer of shares or shares, etc. Upon incorporation, the company secretary will inform you of the annual return dates to the company registrar. The annual report is due each year before the anniversary of the company and is the sole responsibility of the director. We or the secretary will help you keep track of the dates as much as possible, but under no circumstances will we be responsible for any consequences of late filing such as fines, penalties or other consequences.

We provide basic registered address services (head office) when we incorporate a business or if you move your business to our offices. The address of the registered office (domiciliation) is mandatory and is not included in the company creation pack. While this gives you the right to include our address on your letterheads and business cards, unless you contract a superior service such as forwarding mail or other business correspondence or attendance packages , receipt of your mail will be strictly limited to official government mail and any event up to a maximum of 10 pieces per year. Under no circumstances should our office be used without our consent for VAT registration, payroll, direct mail management or any type of illegal business or for the management of businesses that are generally regulated without a appropriate license. Any advertising of any kind, including our address – other than simply listing your registered address or business cards – must be duly approved in writing by our offices. You can provide us with your own registered office address. In this case, our responsibility is totally released from all problems inherent in the reception of your mail, including that coming from the administrations of the jurisdictional place where your company is or will be incorporated; you must also, before incorporation, provide us with a duly validated and paid head office domiciliation contract

The Agent will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the customer as a result of the Agent’s change of address. While we can provide you with sample letters to help you notify your suppliers and banks of the change, it is your ultimate responsibility to notify your partners.

If you plan to receive regular business mail to your address, you will either need to pay for stamps, envelopes, and handling fees, or you will need to purchase a higher service pack or ad-hoc service contract before you receive these mails. . If so, you risk delays or rejection of your business mail. Depending on the type of service you contract, mail will be held for you until you collect it, or scanned and emailed – faxed – or sent to the mailing address you give us. You are responsible for updating your mail information with our office. If your account is not up to date, we will keep letters until the balance is satisfied. We reserve the right to open and search any letter sent to our office for verification and you hereby agree to this condition by using our service.

For Tup-Trans, a fee of € 690 will apply, for legal notification, due diligence and compliance in the extra-territorial jurisdiction concerned, in addition to the advertised service rate of € 890.

If we receive packages on your behalf and they are too large to handle in practice or if we are not informed, we will generally refuse them. If they are small or at least we are able to store them easily, we will accept them but charge a handling fee depending on the weight, size and what we actually need to do to get the package to you. If your account is not up to date, we will hold packages until the balance is satisfied. We reserve the right to open any package sent to our office for verification and you hereby agree to this condition by using our service.

We offer a service called VAT registration or VAT registration assistance for customers who have reached the legal threshold set by the government above which a business must register or for customers who must register to run the business. Unless we have previously approved it or you have your own office, we will not register the following businesses: cell phone sales, used cars, jewelry, precious metals, telecommunication minutes or phone cards. It is important to note that what you are purchasing is our expertise and support and not a guarantee of obtaining a VAT number. We have no obligation of result to obtain the registration of the VAT number and the final decision rests with the competent authorities. To get a VAT number, you will need to purchase enhanced mail forwarding or business management services, or get your own office. In order to mitigate VAT fraud, we only register businesses for VAT if you plan to keep your books. If you do not, or if your accountant is not duly registered, we reserve the right to exclude your business from VAT. We reserve the right to exclude your business from VAT without any liability that falls to us. You should make sure that you have hired the services of an appropriate accounting firm.

Unless these companies are recent and in this case we will notify you, off-the-shelf companies may have been used and we make no warranties, express or implied, regarding such companies. They are sold as is, since we have no control over these types of companies.

We reserve the right to subcontract some or all of the services we offer through our site, to other companies and / or various partners.

Other specific conditions may be included and should be considered as part of these.

All the services, including that of the request, then of the administrative and legal follow-up of your company, including the annual renewal, are tacitly renewed at the end of the period for which they were contracted (that is to say for a period of one year). The annual renewal of the administrative and legal monitoring of your company is billed by us, the price you paid for the subscription (1st order), unless you have subscribed to the “Administrative and legal monitoring service”, within the month who followed your 1st order; in the event that you have subscribed to the “Administrative and legal follow-up” service in the month following your 1st order, the annual price of this service will be invoiced to you at the price displayed in “Other services” and will exempt you from payment equal to that that you paid on your 1st order. If you do not wish the service to be repeated, you must send written notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to our office at least 90 days before the end of the contract. Where applicable, the services will be deemed to be renewed for one year.

When ordering the creation of an extraterritorial company, we will ask you to provide a scan of your proof of identity (passport or valid identity card). If necessary, you agree, on our request, to provide us with a copy of your proof of identity, certified as true, by the town hall of your place of residence. Proof of address in your name will also be requested: electricity or water bill less than 3 months old or last bank statement (no RIB). Failure to provide a copy of a certified proof of identity and the supply of proof of address other than one of those mentioned above will result in the payment of costs of 238 to 290 € depending on the place of residence. jurisdiction in which the ordered company will be incorporated. Providing a telephone bill in your name is acceptable, but charges apply in this case.

All prices are listed on our website, but we reserve the right to change these prices and conditions whenever we deem appropriate. Where possible, we will give you advance notice of changes, but under no circumstances will this be our obligation. Usually the terms and conditions on the website will be the latest version and will prevail over all other terms and conditions previously posted or distributed. In the event of non-payment, we will refuse to send you information about the services you have ordered or, at the very least, we will retain full ownership of the company or related services until the adjustment.

We provide services only knowing that you have given us complete and proper instructions and that you have the authority to legally carry out those instructions for yourself. When identifying the officers of the company, you fully warrant that you have the legal consent of these officers before appointing them and that you have verified that the information they convey to you is true and correct. In addition, if you are a professional intermediary, accountant or lawyer, you warrant that you have performed minimum due diligence in accordance with European legal guidelines and that you are able to provide such due diligence information on request.

All services rendered and companies incorporated will remain our full property until your account is paid in full, whether or not you have previously operated the company.

We provide services to you on the understanding that you have provided us with true and accurate instructions and that you have given us the power to legally carry out those instructions. You warrant that you are acting on your own initiative or that your client has the authority to instruct us in this regard. By identifying the officers of the company, you fully warrant that you have the legal consent of those officers to be appointed and you agree to indemnify us in the event of a conflict with the directors. You warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide to us and accept all responsibility for the rejection of any document, account or deposit due to inaccuracies or incompleteness. While we can guide you whenever possible, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that any business name you choose is available for registration and can be legally used. We are not responsible for your choice of name. You are responsible for ensuring that your choice of company name does not infringe any intellectual or other property rights.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that our website is as complete and accurate as possible and to protect your privacy. Acceptance of instructions from us is deemed to have occurred at the time we send an email and not at the time you receive it. If the registry rejects your request or submission, you will have three days – at no additional cost – to resubmit the request with the appropriate corrections. After that, we may choose to collect additional charges if we believe they are justified. We act as your agent when dealing with the registry.

We have no time obligation other than a reasonable period of time to provide the services. We will use our reasonable resources to meet the estimated deadlines mentioned on our website, but these are always estimates and we do not accept, in particular, responsibility for delays due to third parties or for reasons beyond our control (such that the unavailability of the World Wide Web, in the event of failure of computer systems or telecommunications or in the event of failure of government systems or secure online payment gateways We have no obligation to accept any request or to continue to perform any service on your behalf.We reserve the right to reject any request or to discontinue the performance of any service without liability.

We will not be liable to you for any breach of the terms and conditions or for any failure to provide or delay to provide our services through our site resulting from any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, the failure of systems or access to the network, fire, explosion or accident or any “force majeure”.

We make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for a specific purpose of the information and related graphics published on our website. The information posted may contain technical inaccuracies, outdated material or typographical errors and is intended only to be a general indication of our services. With the exception of claims relating to death or personal injury resulting from negligence or as otherwise prescribed by law, our liability for any loss or damage (compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profits, loss or damage to property and third party claims) resulting from any single claim will be limited to the value of the replenishment of the affected product or service. You agree that this limitation is reasonable due to the nature of our site and given that when you need information or services through our site, you are entering into a separate contract with us in each case..

At any time and without notice, we reserve the right to revise our terms and conditions, our range of services and the content of our site.

Due to the sensitive nature of business services, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to block access to our website and services without prior notice.

Outbound links to third party websites are provided for your convenience and for general information. We do not guarantee the content, services or accuracy of these third parties.

All rights to the design, text and graphics and any other material on our website, layout and style are our own copyright or those of related third parties. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print hard copy portions of our site only for the purpose of studying offers in connection with the acquisition of goods or services from our website. Any other use of the materials on our website (including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above and any alteration, modification, distribution or publication) without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited and will be pursued to the fullest extent permitted. by the law.

These terms and conditions and our relationship with you will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delaware (USA).

You agree that we may collect, store and use information about you in accordance with our privacy policy. You acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy.

We do not provide nominated services for these activities: Adult Content Websites, Pornography, All Financial Related Activities, All Licensed Activities, Dealer Brokers , Companies Alternative payment systems (E-pay), Churches and charities, Trade in commodities (oil, diamonds, metals)
Cryptocurrencies, Financial services requiring a license, BG, SBLC, MTN, instruments Financial, Futures Trading, Gambling, Online Casinos
Insurance Companies and Brokers, Mutual and Hedge Funds, Pharmaceuticals (including Food Supplement), Precious Metals, Security Exchanges, Selling Fake diplomas, Trusts
Weapons / weapons processing

All credit will be used as a priority to pay for the following services: Administrative and legal follow-up, address of the head office, annual confirmation of the company, government fees, etc …

En commandant sur ce site, vous déclarez avoir été informé que vous devez payer la flat-tax et ou votre impôt sur le revenu et ou vos dividendes personnels dans votre pays de résidence fiscale.