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About us

Greymix Ltd is a more than 12 years of experience English company in the field of new technologies and Medias. It has absorbed the SC Groupe R&M and SAS Ressources and Marketing French companies.

As a forerunner in Internet referencing, SAS Resources and Marketing’s R&D department has provided more than 38 millions views of its customers’ website and its services have constantly innovated, these are the reason why Greymix Ltd has decided to buy these French companies, which are a guarantee of seriousness and credibility.

From this, the website www.company-offshore.com was born. A company based on the observation of a lack of competitiveness linked to a solution for offshore and inshore companies creations, especially in terms of low prices.

The feasibility study shows that economic players have not specialized in reactive and affordable solutions, by satisfying themselves with a generalist concept and high prices, while in fact; this market is opening up more and more widely to companies of all sizes.