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What is a registered office address (registered address)?

All UK limited liability companies must have an official address for receiving their mail.

Your registered address is publicly accessible on the public registry and may not be necessarily your company’s place of business.

A service for your personal data’s safety and confidentiality is also provided; see our section: Other services.

Registered address advantages:

There are many advantages to using our prestigious addresses in London or Glasgow as your company’s registered address:

    • Your personal address is protected from public consultation.
    • All your personal mail is forwarded to your personal address.

How your mail is handled:

Using our computerized system, all mail is processed as soon as its reception in our offices, which makes service fast, efficient and simple. All official statutory letters are daily redirected to your personal address (or any other)

How to configure a registered address:

There are no installation fees for using our registered address. By simply clicking on the “Buy” button below, you can start using our registered address from today!

The rate is annual.