30 minutes to 3 hours at most to provide your company
All LLP companies which do not operate

Ready-to-use company

Company-offshore.com has a huge number of companies already registered; existing for a year or two; which can offer you obvious commercial benefits compared to new company creation.

Icing on the cake, we can change the name of the existing company to a company name of your choice.

Ready to use companies

What is a ready-to-use company?

A ready-to-use company is available for immediate use and already has an existing company number. We have recent created companies (several months ago) and companies, also created, but for a longer time (year 2017, 2018).

All the companies we propose have never been operated whether it is a recent already created company or an older one (2017 and 2018).

The existing company name can be changed to the company name of your choice

What are the benefits of buying a ready-to-use company?

When you buy a ready-to-use company, you get all its benefits especially:

Once your purchase is confirmed, a questionnaire will be immediately sent to you so that you can give us the necessary information.

In order for us to keep our prompt service promise, please try to return the required information as soon as possible. When the necessary information has been returned, we will finalize your order and send your ready-to-use company to you.

Once finished, we will send you :

Why choose a ready-to-use company from company-offshore.com ?

Your company can be formed  within 30 business minutes

Our staff is well-qualified and extremely helpful

All our companies are registered with our customers as first owners

Our service is simple, complete and prompt.

Free Barclays Bank account with all our companies

We are partners with professional account providers and can offer you a free year